5 Key Digital Marketing Trends of 2021

Digital Marketing Trends 2021 by AdHut Media

In the last few years, technology has become evolved and developed massively, and it’s not surprising that we have now started to depend on technology. But after this pandemic, the usage of technology has grown to that extent like it was never. From our daily life needs to everything else, we now depend on technology for everything. Customer demand is growing for online products and services, so businesses and marketing processes are also being digitized vastly. There are clear indications that in upcoming years digital marketing will overtake the market for sure.

Here are brief discussions on the top 5 digital marketing trends which are going to rule the marketing world in 2021.

1.    Artificial Intelligence Trends

AI is coming to the front in all different ways across the procedure of doing business and its marketing. This will help to improve the communications of your business, to collect & analyze the important data, to optimize and track the all over sales of your product or service, to catch the behaviour patterns of your potential users, etc. By doing all these things, AI-based systems ultimately save a lot of time & efforts. Now it has become an important investment asset for your business to enlarge the overall profit of your business in many ways.

AI-based technology works by analysing the input data of a user, patterns of their searching, and also follows the behaviour of a user automatically. The basic goal of Artificial Intelligence technology is to collect data from different places and platforms including blog posts, social media platforms etc., which, at the end, ultimately help you to recognize your potential customers and their buying patterns through your business website or other online channels.

2.    Voice Search Trends

Searching by typing has become old, the new trend is to search by voice and in this evolution gadgets like ‘Siri’ and ‘Alexa’ are helping a lot. So it is important to observe the data of your products for voice search as you do in the case of text searches. Users are getting more and more attracted to smart home devices and hands-free devices. That’s why it’s a seller’s task to prioritize this analytics which will help them to achieve a top rank in searches.

As per the recent research and statistics, the number of voice searches among all the searches will be 70 % all over the world by the end of the year 2021. So there is no doubt that it will create a huge effect on search trends, which will make it take a very important position in the new world trend of digital marketing.

3.    Trends of Shoppable Posts

We all are very busy and have less time to spend on tasks like shopping and purchasing things. So it is natural that all of the consumers prefer a shopping experience with less and less hassle. According to the research, it shows that consumers prefer to purchase from a streamlined shopping experience to enjoy the facilities of that app and to sell things directly all over the social media platforms.

Samples of shoppable posts on different social media channels - WSDCon

You will be surprised after knowing the volume of consumers shopping through social media. According to the latest research, the number of Instagram users who said they found their latest favourite preferable new products via Instagram. The number of Pinterest users is four thousand who found their favourite preferable new products through Pinterest. It is not hidden to all the business owners that a huge amount of people use these social media platforms to purchase products.

4.    Video marketing Trends

It is hard for a business owner to overlook on the recent facts, which show that 60 % of customers who are about to purchase a product prefer watching a video of that product to get all the information before buying. Video of a product also helps customers to get a clearer picture of that product, which makes it more liable to them as they get a clear idea about all the things. As per the calculation and statistics, this year video marketing will take a huge place in the world of digital marketing, which is not a surprise, and it will be an important aspect for business too.

5.    Trends of AI-Powered Chatbots

Image illustrating AI based Chat-bots - WSDCon

Engaging customers with your product is a tough task. Chatbots help you to engage your customers on your pages. It is a very important part of a business to take care of their customer service, which chatbots do effortlessly. It gives automatic replies to your page visitor to get a hold of them and to show them your support.


Right from the beginning of this year, digital marketing is sure to make a great impact on the world of marketing. The current scenario clearly shows that in the near future it will become compulsory to use a digital marketing service either by yourself or by hiring a digital marketing agency for your business. By doing so, you can equip your business with these latest marketing trends & techniques and magnify your overall profitability.

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