Things That You Should Keep in Mind for A Responsive Web Design

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We all are aware of the importance of a responsive or a mobile friendly website. But while designing a responsive website the designer has to understand that it is not about just dumping the desktop website on the mobile but actually creating a website for the mobile. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts for responsive web design.

Do’s –

It is important that creative designing services understand the fact that the responsive web design should provide a satisfactory experience to the user on different devices. It is important for the designer to provide in the responsive web design the content that is relevant to the user.

Remember no matter what you cannot sacrifice images in a responsive website. You have to optimize the image because it has been found that images are very much important for people accessing the websites through their mobile phones.

It is important to make optimum use of all the features of the mobile phone while make a responsive website. The website should have a call now button tapping on which will help the user make a phone call to the company’s number etc.

Try and be as creative as possible.

Dont’s –

Make sure that you do not increase the file size because that will make your mobile website slow.

You just cannot ignore integrating your website in such a way that it responds to touch on the touch screen of the mobile phone instantly.

Just do not make the mistake of compromising on the content as the viewer wants to read the same thing that he saw on the desktop.

These tips will surely help you create a good responsive web design which the users will appreciate.

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It is extremely nice to see the greatest details presented in an easy and understanding manner. Thanks for sharing.

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