Tips on How to Optimize Pinterest Pins for SEO

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Pinterest is a very good but yet highly underrated visual search engine platform. But it has tremendous power to drive lots of traffic to your website. But it is important that you give due importance to SEO optimization for Pinterest. Here are a few tips which will help you do it effectively.

1. Perfect profile and board name:

Remember to give due importance to Pinterest profile optimization by selecting a username which will help create an impact. Since the URL will be used as your keyword you need to be perfect in the username selection. You have to be prudent in selecting the boards title as it will help in improving the ranking of your pins.

2. Importance of being descriptive:

Ensure that you optimize your pins by being descriptive. You must include all the details that will describe the image in the best possible way which will help the users find the image easily. One must try to avoid hash tags and be as descriptive as possible.

3. Due importance to keywords:

You have to use the right keywords for which you have to make sure that you do proper research and also check how the pins, the boards and the pinners are organised. Analyse the keywords of Pinterest by using Google.

4. Rich pins and mobile friendliness:

Since Pinterest is used widely from mobiles one has to check out the mobile friendliness. Moreover, one must also make use of rich pins which give more description about a particular pin as it is found that rich pins help in getting more traffic. Pin vertical images as they can be found easily and are good for mobile devices.

5. Consistency and quality is a must:

One has to be consistent and pin relevant content every week. Also, put in time on content curation where you re-pin details pinned by others which may be relevant to your target audience. Remember to pin quality and relevant content as it will help you get better rankings. Also, make sure that your website is verified so that you get better rankings and access to advanced Pinterest analytics.

These useful tips will surely help in improving and optimizing Pinterest pins for SEO.

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