Key Tips to Increase Traffic to Your B2B Website

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In this digital era, a strong online presence is vital for the growth of any business. While most companies have a website, a B2B or Business-to-Business website is one which sells products and services to other companies online.

Digital content has largely blurred the divisions between B2B and B2C marketing in the recent world. Studies say that millennials with startups and SMBs make up nearly 50% of B2B buyers in 2020, which make an average of 12 online searches before reaching a purchase decision. Their engagement has forced most B2B marketing to be of digital nature. Even in industries like plants and manufacturing, 67% of purchases are digitally influenced, said a 2019 Google study.

Several B2B firms are often under the misconception that their sector does not need any kind of digital marketing service support. But according to a statistics report says more than 62% of B2B customers can make a business decision solely based on online content.

The more traffic that passes through a B2B website, the higher its chances are of generating and converting leads. There are numerous creative ideas as well as technological tools on offer that can help boost the performance of your B2B website and attract more visitors to it.

Given below is the list of top 10 proven ways to increase your B2B website traffic

  1. SEO Optimization

Optimizing your SEO to appear ahead of others in search engines will direct more traffic your way. This can be done by making use of analytics tools that track and compile data on your website traffic. They also gather data on visitors to your website, helping you an insight into consumer behaviour.

  1. Proper Use of Blogs and Social Media Channels

Blogging is one of the first steps towards increasing the traffic to your website and while you may not see instant results, it is more of a long term plan. It can also be used for self-advertising wherein you may promote your products and services.

You can drive more traffic towards your website by sharing your blogs via social media adding a link to your B2B website. Additionally, you may also include a link to your blog in e-mail newsletters to targeted groups or invite others to guest blog on your site

  1. Attend Conferences

Attending conferences and conventions specific to your industry will help you meet professionals in the same field who may open various business avenues to your business. Moreover, if you are a speaker at a conference, it will automatically give your company exposure to a large audience many of whom will be interested in finding out more by visiting your website

  1. Good Content Management

Apart from blogging, pay attention to incorporating useful as well as interesting content on your websites such as videos and infographics. Another good strategy is to include client testimonials in the form of articles or videos and encouraging them to share it via their own social media pages. Not only will this direct your clients’ contacts to your website but also help in building your brand identity and reputation. Bold and witty headlines are also a great way to attract visitors. The key here is to be creative and make your website an interesting place to visit.

  1. User-friendly Website

Make sure your website is fast and responsive and that pages and images are technically optimized so that your site loads faster. It should also be easily viewable and navigatable across all devices including smartphones.

  1. Build a Community

Create a dedicated section on your website where people can ask questions and discuss relevant subjects.

  1. Good Strategic Partnerships

Use 3rd party platforms to your advantage by entering into partnerships for lead generation and referring leads to each other. Other partnerships may allow you host webinars or be interviewed on one in front of large audiences.

  1. Optimized Internal Linking

It is very important to connect blogs and articles on your website to other relevant articles by creating internal links. Not only will this enhance your SEO, but also encourage visitors to spend more time on the website.

  1. Increase your content marketing ROI

This can be done by content atomization. This is an ideal way to increase traffic on your website by breaking up a lengthy but informative article into smaller articles and distributing them throughout the website.

  1. Lead forms and Tracking Software

Installing Lead Forms on your website where visitors can leave their details will help generate data essential for targeting specific groups.

Tracking Software will provide you with important information like the number of visits to your site and by whom, which sections of the site they have accessed and what actions have they taken if any

To conclude, all the strategies listed above can be used to increase the number of visitors to your B2B website, which will help generate leads that can then be nurtured and converted into satisfied clients.

Most of the B2B business owners can find difficulties in implementing all of the above-suggested tips by themselves. Therefore, it is advisable to consult a well experienced digital marketing agency specialized in creating and implementing result-oriented digital marketing strategies for B2B service providers. Such digital marketing companies optimize your existing website to be user friendly while applying their extensive knowledge of digital marketing and consumer funnel marketing to improve your ROI and achieve all your organizational goals.

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