How to Use Social Media at Every Stage of the Sales Funnel

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The sales funnel is a marketing tool which can be used to boost sales. It is important to try and incorporate this in social media to have a positive impact. Here are a few ways of how you can do it which will help increase sales through social media channels.

1. Increased customer interaction:

The more interaction with customers better will be the results. Increase the interaction by spreading awareness about your brand by providing content that is relevant and engaging. Post surveys and get customer feedback. Make use of tools which are a combination of social media management and monitoring and get an idea of what the customer feels and give them feedback accordingly. Have webinars and competitions on social media.

2. Make use of the familiarity and back it up with email:

Once the customer is aware of your brand you have definitely increased the chances of your product being purchased. Next along with social media increase your interaction with the customer through emails which will help in pushing those who are still only aware of your brand towards brand familiarity.

3. Reputation:

Now the customer is familiar with your brand. Now to make sure that the customers who buy your product could assure themselves that you have the edge with brand reputation. For building reputation uses social media to focus on positive reviews and also make sure that the product videos etc are uploaded on social media which will also help in building brand reputation.

4. The purchase phase:

This is an important phase where the customer is buying your product. You have to make sure that you give proper customer support and reach out to the customers so that they remain loyal to your brand. Social media platforms like FB and Twitter do allow direct purchases and hence play a vital role. Make use of loyalty program, referral programs and ensure good customer support.

In this way, you can use social media at every stage of the sales funnel and help increase brand awareness and sales.

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