How to Optimize Your SEO Process for a Better Lead Generation?

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SEO and lead generation are closely related as the former provides a steady stream of potential clients to the business. SEO offers 20x more website traffic than any other forms of digital marketing strategies.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimisation or SEO is the process of optimizing your website content, code and keywords to improve the SERP rankings of your company. You can alter the targeted keywords, technical indicators and content framework to fetch greater traffic.

SEO links your page to relevant queries in popular search engines to gain significant website visibility. The higher the rank of your website, the greater will be the click-through rates (CTR). SEO is the best way to gain organic website traffic and boost your online visibility. It helps to create awareness of your products and services on popular search engines like Google.

How do SEO services complement your lead generation tactics?

SEO uses business-related keywords to target a broader audience base. When a potential customer looks for such keywords/topics, the search result will lead the searcher back to your website generating leads.

SEO agencies in India and worldwide try to get their customer’s website ranked on the first page of Google search results. Even the amateurs in this business know that to stay relevant, you have to rank among the top #10 position in SERPs because 74% of online visitors don’t even scroll past the first page of SERPs.

You can use SEO tactics to convert these visitors into actual leads successfully. It will improve your sales and increase customer retention. SEO serves as a funnel collecting a stream of meaningful leads to your brand’s website. Around 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. That’s why it is essential to optimize SEO processes targeting maximum lead generation.

Inbound marketing including SEO services can help to find your website, which is by far the biggest channel for incoming leads. People won’t visit your website out of the blue; you need to lead them to your landing page. SEO can drive around a 14% conversion rate to your website and attracts more potential customers.

5 Key-tips to optimize the SEO processes to boost your lead generation

Given below we are highlighting a few areas of your SEO services where you need some improvement and better optimization to gain higher results from your SEO efforts and lead generation activities:

1.       Check for Improvement and Speed

To attract leads continually, you need to audit the content of your website regularly. Check which pages are getting more click rates and which areas of your website need substantial improvement. To rub off negative impact on your website, use various SEO marketing tools to find errors.

Landing pages are important, but fast loading speed is more essential. To improve user experience on mobile devices and PCs, you must optimise the speed of your web pages. Use speed testing tools to check & improve the speed and overall performance of your web pages.

2.       Optimise your targeted keywords

The latest core algorithm of Google uses target keywords to identify the search intent. Your keyword should show up in your page titles to rank higher in SERP. You should include related keywords in your textual content of the body. Use SEO strategies to reflect the keywords constantly throughout your web page.

Take the help of a white label digital marketing agency to assist you in making necessary updates. You should also place the targeted keywords strategically in your Meta description. A Meta description is crucial to a web page as it informs the visitors about its content.

In a survey by Think with Google team, around 49% of online users discover new products by searching relevant keywords in Google which makes it essential to use relevant keywords in your landing pages effectively.

3.       Update, modify or create new webpage content

People will leave pages if the content is not engaging and useful to their purpose. SEO can drive search crawlers to your website, but meaningful content can draw 3x more leads to your website. 

Use SEO tactics to modify the existing content and work on new webpage content. Organise your page into a clean content by using the perfect blend of headers, paragraphs, numbered lists, bullet points, descriptions, and images.

A web page with greater navigability will improve your page’s performance. Use an analytics tool to identify areas of high bounce rates and prioritise them.

4.       Build Good Quality Backlinks

Create quality backlinks by linking different impactful web content under your niche to your page. It will improve your rankings, act as a source of credibility, and have a positive impact on your webpage. Your inbound links should be meaningful and related to your content. 43.7% of top-ranking pages contain backlinks of popular content.

The key to gain more traffic is to use backlinks from a trustworthy website with excellent domain authority. However, Google will penalise if your backlinks appear to be inorganic and irrelevant.

5.       Add appropriate CTA buttons

To turn visitors into leads, your landing page must have the proper information to get in touch with you. Add CTA to your webpage to get the customer know more about you. You can add an image button or links as your CTA.


Conclusive Note

Using your SEO strategies to generate leads will not only boost your marketing efforts but also pave the way for new potential customers. It will enhance the user experience, upgrade your online visibility and maximise lead-generating opportunities.

Losing out on leads, clicks, and customers is a threat that every marketer faces out there. In such a situation it is advised to get professional help from any of the best SEO service providers in Delhi or any other alike big cities to easily mitigate the risks of such loss.

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