Effective Content Marketing Strategies for Interior Design Business

Having a successful interior design business is one thing, and staying ahead of the competition is another. Today, marketing is not just restricting to conventional marketing channels but leveraging digital platforms using social media & content strategy.

We have witnessed the struggle of interior designers when it comes to prepping-up for digital marketing strategy. Following mind-boggling questions surround them.

  • What sort of content should I create?
  • How much content should I create?
  • Which are the best social media channels for my business?

Before we move ahead and answer these questions, you need to remember two things as an interior designer:

  • Design beautiful spaces: this is what you are passionate about
  • Pursue marketing to get clients: an inevitable task

You are already creating different sorts of content, which also means that you are acting as a “Content Developer” for your business. However, it would help if you were not the “ONLY-SOURCE” to generate the content.

You are a DESIGNER! Designing elegant spaces is your passion, and we were hoping you could focus on that.

How To Develop Effective Content Marketing Strategy For Interior Design Business?

Here are a few ways to get more clients with targeted content marketing strategy.

1. Know your audience first & foremost

Every interior design business is creating content, so what makes your content stand-out in the market.

Well, the answer is simple – Value-added content.

Readers (your targeted customers) always appreciate such content, which adds value to them. Creating customer-centric content based on their buyer’s journey stages is perpetually a successful plan.

2. Refine your content by providing a solution to the problems of your customers

There is nothing more rewarding experience for your targeted customers than getting the aptest solution for their problems.

Offering them a well-written content that helps them relax while zeroing the factors that stress them out.

3. Repurpose & Recycle your content in different formats

“What would you do if you don’t have enough closet space” or “How to accessorize your room to make it appear bigger” – these are some of the day-to-day confusions and questions that every homeowner tries to figure out.

If you have published a blog or articles on home décor, then you can repurpose it in different formats. For instance, compile 4-5 articles together to develop a “How-to” guide or e-book for your prospect readers.

Popular content formats for interior design business:

  • Infographic
  • Story-telling slides
  • Videos
  • Guest blogs
  • Testimonials

4. Create super-shareable content

Creating & publishing fantastic content on your blog will not do anything for you or your business. The strategy is to share it on your social media channels.

Always remember, if you have more than one social media channel, for instance, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, then make sure you share the same content with different copies. There is no one-size-fits-all.

Moreover, every social channel has a different structure. On Facebook, it is not a best practice to use more than three hashtags. Whereas on Instagram, you should include five or ten hashtags, and it will give you more extensive reach.

We understand you already have the creative bent as an interior designer. Going with the right content strategy not only helps you grow your business also makes your brand stand out.

For more content ideas, connect at AdHut Media.

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