Can Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning Improve Your SEO Results?

AI or Machine Learning Improve SEO Results - AHM

Research says that current artificial intelligence technology can boost productivity by up to 40% by industry standards. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are tools of the modern, futuristic world. However, the future is already here.

The digital marketing industry is facing significant changes due to the revolution that AI and machine learning have brought. The industry has seen a lot of adaptation to newer technologies and social media marketing.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of analyzing and modifying content in such a way that it gets discovered by search engine results. Search engines are like libraries for the digital age, and instead of storing copies of books, they store copies for web pages.

SEO has gone through many changes and morbid transformations throughout its lifetime from the simple optimization of landing pages to the infinitely more complicated process of creating engaging and appealing content.

With the increase in the demand and appeal of SEO, even the SEO specialists in the best SEO service providers in Delhi NCR region of India have made it their full-time job, optimizing content for hundreds of websites a month and making them more traffic-oriented.

Google’s attempt at Artificial Intelligence (AI) for search engines

When Google introduced Rankbrain algorithm update, which was a machine-learning search algorithm that helped Google process search results, it revolutionized the industry. Afterwards, several different algorithms have been introduced by Google to make sure that SEO experts did not use false methods and tricks to get their pages to rank higher on Google search results.

As Google owns 90% of the market share in the search engine industry, it is necessary to rank pages according to Google’s algorithms. Google famously checks 200 different variables and factors before publishing the rankings of pages on its search results. Hence, it is a tedious job.

For many years, humans have been outsourcing their tedious jobs to computers to do it for them while they racked their brains at something that required a bunch of innovation and creativity.

We have never been good at doing repetitive tasks that have nothing new or challenging for us. Hence, the usage of artificial intelligence in the SEO industry is not only a fascinating idea but also a tried and tested one.

How can AI and Machine Learning improve your SEO?

  • Enhanced performance

According to a survey, 61% of marketers say that artificial intelligence is the most important part of their data strategy. Well, it all depends on how efficiently you employ these services to work for you. Whether in the paid search lists or technical Search Engine Optimization, the use of machine learning, or the ability of the computer to learn tactics, creativity and innovation on its own is booming.

With the use of artificial intelligence, SEO agency India, who needs great SEO web pages for their clients, can get them for half the cost and time.

  • Staying ahead with the latest trends

Machine learning and artificial intelligence-powered tools are now enabling marketers and white label digital marketing services providers to take advantage of real-time insights, personalize & optimize content according to their specifications so that all the optimized web pages get their due recognition in the SERPs. By the end of this year, AI will replace 1.8 million jobs but create more than 2.3 million. Since this world is a pretty competitive place so AI or artificial intelligence makes sure you stay ahead of it.

  • Scaling

It is difficult to scale skill, but it is not difficult to scale technology. With artificial intelligence making its place in almost every tech-run sector of the world, it is getting easier and easier to adopt it into our lives.

With enhanced performance, less time consumption and low maintenance costs, artificial intelligence-powered Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are super easy to scale. Not only that, with this enhanced and improved technology run, but you can also take on more clients and businesses without so much as breaking a sweat.

  • Machines don’t make mistakes

Machine learning helps you, as an individual working in the web optimization industry, to reap insights from larger databases. It also gives you access to far more intelligence and insights in a few hours than what you would’ve had in your entire career. Not only that, but it is also the specialized information and industry knowledge that determines which products are useful and how they can be applied in areas of business.

Machine learning can also catch mistakes and patterns that are easy for you to miss. It can help you recognize patterns in visitor behaviour that point to opportunities and areas that need immediate or urgent improvement or optimization.



Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning enhance your ability as a business to achieve extreme levels of data proficiency and seamless communication. It offers more agility, versatility and flexibility to optimization processes, and removes repetitiveness from the equation.

However, large businesses with more than 100,000 employees are most likely to have an AI strategy – but only 50% of them have one. Embracing machine learning can help us discover new topics, identify gaps in content and optimize for specific queries and client results.

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